The Butterfly Doctor (lepidoctor) wrote in serial_murder,
The Butterfly Doctor

Black Zodiac: Withered Lover!

I finally finished this one. So damn bloody long. Got out of hand and ended up being around 12,000 words. But all good stuff, I promise you.

Warning: Contains a previously known evil child, serial killers watching Silence of the Lambs, vivisection/ human biology practical lesson, cannibalism (or filet mignon with dubious origins), implied dismemberment, peanutbutterjelly human abuse with a baseball bat, and a tragic end.

Withered Lover

Name: Amon Autruch
Gender: Male
M.O.: Vivisection
Status: Institutionalized

(Withered Lover 1)

(Withered Lover 2)

(Withered Lover 3)

(Withered Lover 4)

(Withered Lover 5)

(Withered Lover 6)

(Withered Lover 7)
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