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serial_murder's Journal

Modus Operandi
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Hello and welcome to Modus Operandi, a community for those with an interest and/or fascination with serial murder and related criminals.


1. Please make an introductory post outlining your interest in this subject, thus extending courtsey by opening the channels of discussion with other members.

NO OFF-TOPIC POSTING. If you submit anything irrelevant to this community, you will be banned because I'm tired of constantly clicking "delete". If you are unsure of what to post, feel free to use the interests list below as a guide, or take the time to peruse the most comprehensive online source of serial killer information - The Crime Library.

3. When posting large images and/or elongated text, please use the lj-cut.

4. No community advertising or self-promotion of any kind.

5. Please read the following disclaimer thoroughly, as I will not be held accountable by those who may be offended at a later date and did not bother to read said disclaimer beforehand:

This community may contain concepts, scenarios, actual events, graphic portrayals, sexually explicit material, and other content which may offend some readers. By joining or viewing this community, you acknowledge that you have done so voluntarily and accept the risk of exposure to such content.

I disclaim all responsibility for, and liability in respect of, the content contained within this community. The opinions provided by the authors are their own, and not necessarily those of mine.

This communtiy does not condone nor glorify the crimes committed by serial killers and related criminals, the criminals themselves, nor the motives behind their crimes.

Complaints and comments regarding potentially unlawful content in this community, and any contributions, suggestions, or recommendations for the improvement thereof, can be forwarded to its maintainer.

NOTE: If you idolise Jeffrey Dahmer or think Ted Bundy is "sexy", please proceed elsewhere. Thank you.