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Ted Bundy Research Help

Hello :) Since my senior year of high school (which is now four years ago, yikes!) I have had a deep fascination with Ted Bundy. Do I think he was a monster? Yes. Do I feel great sympathy for his victims and their families? Yes. This fascination is nothing with Bundy as an icon, or an idol, but as a person who seemed so normal to most of society, but committed such horrific crimes.

My major in school is Print Journalism, my minor-French. However this semester I am taking Introduction to Criminal Justice as an elective because one day I would like to write true crime novels. We were asked to write a research paper on basically anything related to Criminal Justice, of course I jumped at this opportunity to write about my favorite serial killer.

I am so excited about this paper because not only do I get to write, and write about Ted, but also because I happened to stumble upon someone that went to high school with Ted in Washington. As I was looking up my teacher's mini-biographies on our school's website I read that my Intro to Mass Communications professor (we call him Teach) attended the University of Puget Sound. After class, I asked if he went there when Ted did. He did not, but he told me that he did attend high school with Ted and that Ted was a year older. And that was it. I was so upset that I met someone who knew him and he didn't even want to talk about it! Fastforward to now and this research paper, I decided to send Teach an e-mail and ask him if I could interview him about Ted. This time, he agreed and sat down with me and discussed Ted with me, what he was like in high school, if he was shocked when he learned Ted was who he was, and so on. I recorded it and am currently transcribing the interview, if anyone would like to read it I will be more than happy to post it once I am finished.

What I am asking you is this:
1. Do any of you know where to get good, reliable information on Ted and/or sociopaths? (Obviously I did a google search but if there are certain academic journals I should look at and so on...)

2. Part of my paper is on how Ted easily slipped into society, with few people suspecting him as the monster he was. Opinions on Ted Bundy's personality will be much appreciated, whether you have just read about him or somehow had more contact. They may be included in my research paper and if so, I will need your name to quote you. This you can send to me in a private message.

Thanks for all your help!
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