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Torn Prince

I watched this movie called 13 Ghosts the other day, and in it there is an Arcanum, a book written by a man called Basilius, who was possessed by the Devil when he wrote it. He describes in it how to open the Ocularis Infernum (Eye of Hell) in the Arcanum. To do it, you need 13 spirits of various descriptions - the First Born Son, the Torso, the Bound Woman, the Withered Lover, the Broken Heart, the Torn Prince, the Angry Princess, the Pilgrimess, the Dire Child and Great Mother, the Hammer, the Jackal, and the Juggernaut. In the movie the ghosts have their own backstories, which you can find here and here. Why the Hell would someone want to open the Eye of Hell, you ask? To see the future, of course.

After watching it I was trying to sleep, thinking what a wonderful concept this Black Zodiac was, and I thought, why not write another series, but instead of ghosts, why not serial killers? And then I started to get ideas. Loads of ideas. To date I've got ideas and concepts for almost all the zodiac besides the Broken Heart and the Hammer.

So far I have the Torn Prince and First Born Son. Here is the Torn Prince, for the time being. The First Born Son will soon follow.

(PS. Shouldn't I put this behind an LJ cut? It's quite long. I know the rules say no.)

Torn Prince

Name: Johnny/Jack B. Goode
Gender: Male
M.O.: Torture, Evisceration
Status: Institutionalized

Psychiatrist's Notes:

2/8/06, 2pm. St. Uphir's Institute of Mental Health.
Patient reports that "Jack" still communicating with him. Angrily asked nurse to remove mirror in his room. Insisted staff "get him out of here". Recent history: Nurse reported patient smashing mirror belonging to her. While in day room, patient grabbed mirror from nurse, hurled it across the room. Rushed out of day room cursing. When questioned, stated "he was laughing at me." Personal history: childhood physical and mental abuse. Mother left at early age. Father only caregiver, killed when patient was 14, police suspect during burglary of the house. Placed in foster care, left aged 18. Mental Status Exam: alert & oriented x3. Generally agitated throughout session. Hesitant speech. A/V hallucinations, delusions, paranoia persisting. Thought process disorganized. Axis I: schizophrenia. Increase chlorpromazine dosage, refer to Dr. Delbruck for medication evaluation. Next session, 2/15/06 at 3pm - explore mirror incident further. Staff to remove mirrors in vicinity of patient. A. B. Normal, M.D. 

(Torn Prince)
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