celinaisabel (celinaisabel) wrote in serial_murder,

Massacres versus serial killings

I understand what goes through the mind of a man preparing to unleash a massacre on innocent people. Such a man is not insane. He is not a sociopath. He has feelings, he has love for humanity. He cares so much about life, he would kill for it. But no one would kill for him, no one would love him, not the way he lusts to be loved. He’s ridiculed by his peers or repeatedly rejected by women. He’s a loser in school or a middle aged man whose dreams are fading into oblivion. But he still loves…he loves so much. He wants his life to work so much that eventually the pain of loving is unbearable. He’ll love until he’s sniped from existence. Only then will he have peace. Before he goes, he’s going to share his love with you, with your daughters and sons, with humanity. He knows you don’t want his love. He’s known all his life. That’s why he no longer gives a shit about what you want. Serial killings or one blaze of glory, prepare to die.

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