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Thanks! [01 May 2010|03:56pm]

To those of you who participated in answering my previous post about Ted Bundy information, thanks!

I used the interview with his classmate, and places a few of you sent me to look for information, in 2 pieces.

The first was a story for my reporting class. The month of April was Sexual Assault Awareness month and I used the story about Bundy to make it more interesting. I got a 100 on that and my professor told me to submit it to our college newspaper, which I did and it was published on the front page!

The second, which was what the interview was originally intended for, was a research paper for my Introduction to Criminal Justice class on which I also received a score of 100!

I really appreciate the input received, and if any of you are bored enough to read either the story or the research paper I will be happy to post it! Thanks again!


Ted Bundy Research Help [01 Apr 2010|09:58am]

Hello :) Since my senior year of high school (which is now four years ago, yikes!) I have had a deep fascination with Ted Bundy. Do I think he was a monster? Yes. Do I feel great sympathy for his victims and their families? Yes. This fascination is nothing with Bundy as an icon, or an idol, but as a person who seemed so normal to most of society, but committed such horrific crimes.

My major in school is Print Journalism, my minor-French. However this semester I am taking Introduction to Criminal Justice as an elective because one day I would like to write true crime novels. We were asked to write a research paper on basically anything related to Criminal Justice, of course I jumped at this opportunity to write about my favorite serial killer.

I am so excited about this paper because not only do I get to write, and write about Ted, but also because I happened to stumble upon someone that went to high school with Ted in Washington. As I was looking up my teacher's mini-biographies on our school's website I read that my Intro to Mass Communications professor (we call him Teach) attended the University of Puget Sound. After class, I asked if he went there when Ted did. He did not, but he told me that he did attend high school with Ted and that Ted was a year older. And that was it. I was so upset that I met someone who knew him and he didn't even want to talk about it! Fastforward to now and this research paper, I decided to send Teach an e-mail and ask him if I could interview him about Ted. This time, he agreed and sat down with me and discussed Ted with me, what he was like in high school, if he was shocked when he learned Ted was who he was, and so on. I recorded it and am currently transcribing the interview, if anyone would like to read it I will be more than happy to post it once I am finished.

What I am asking you is this:
1. Do any of you know where to get good, reliable information on Ted and/or sociopaths? (Obviously I did a google search but if there are certain academic journals I should look at and so on...)

2. Part of my paper is on how Ted easily slipped into society, with few people suspecting him as the monster he was. Opinions on Ted Bundy's personality will be much appreciated, whether you have just read about him or somehow had more contact. They may be included in my research paper and if so, I will need your name to quote you. This you can send to me in a private message.

Thanks for all your help!
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Hi, I'm new... [27 Mar 2010|05:26pm]

Hi, I just found this community. And since I tend to just jump into comms and usually don't do introductory posts, I'm no good at making introductory posts about myself...but since it's in the rules of this comm to make an introductory post, I'll try my best not to make a total mess of this post...Anyways, you can call me "Holmes", since most folks do anyways. I hope it's alright with you guys if I refrain from sharing any personal information like my age and what-not here. I've always had a fascination with crime, especially serial killers, since I was like ten years old.
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Black Zodiac: Withered Lover! [05 Mar 2010|05:56am]

I finally finished this one. So damn bloody long. Got out of hand and ended up being around 12,000 words. But all good stuff, I promise you.

Warning: Contains a previously known evil child, serial killers watching Silence of the Lambs, vivisection/ human biology practical lesson, cannibalism (or filet mignon with dubious origins), implied dismemberment, peanutbutterjelly human abuse with a baseball bat, and a tragic end.

Withered Lover

Name: Amon Autruch
Gender: Male
M.O.: Vivisection
Status: Institutionalized

(Withered Lover 1)

(Withered Lover 2)

(Withered Lover 3)

(Withered Lover 4)

(Withered Lover 5)

(Withered Lover 6)

(Withered Lover 7)
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"Dating-Game" Serial Killer May Have Killed 30 [28 Feb 2010|06:43pm]

Detectives in the US fear a serial killer with a genius-level IQ may be a ''new Ted Bundy'', responsible for up to 30 murders.

Rodney Alcala, 66, known as the dating-game killer because he once appeared on an American version of TV show Perfect Match, was found guilty last week of five murders in Los Angeles.

more: http://www.smh.com.au/world/datinggame-murderer-may-have-killed-30-20100227-pa3c.html

Black Zodiac: First Born Son (2/2) [25 Feb 2010|11:00am]


First Born Son

Name: Seth Sommers
Gender: Male
Primary M.O.: Blunt force trauma
Secondary M. O.: Live burial, Fall from elevation, Asphyxia - smothering
Status: Alive

(First Born Son 2)

Black Zodiac: First Born Son (1/2) [25 Feb 2010|10:54am]


First Born Son

Name: Seth Sommers
Gender: Male
Primary M.O.: Blunt force trauma
Secondary M. O.: Live burial, Fall from elevation, Asphyxia - smothering
Status: Alive

(First Born Son 1)

Torn Prince [24 Feb 2010|02:45pm]

I watched this movie called 13 Ghosts the other day, and in it there is an Arcanum, a book written by a man called Basilius, who was possessed by the Devil when he wrote it. He describes in it how to open the Ocularis Infernum (Eye of Hell) in the Arcanum. To do it, you need 13 spirits of various descriptions - the First Born Son, the Torso, the Bound Woman, the Withered Lover, the Broken Heart, the Torn Prince, the Angry Princess, the Pilgrimess, the Dire Child and Great Mother, the Hammer, the Jackal, and the Juggernaut. In the movie the ghosts have their own backstories, which you can find here and here. Why the Hell would someone want to open the Eye of Hell, you ask? To see the future, of course.

After watching it I was trying to sleep, thinking what a wonderful concept this Black Zodiac was, and I thought, why not write another series, but instead of ghosts, why not serial killers? And then I started to get ideas. Loads of ideas. To date I've got ideas and concepts for almost all the zodiac besides the Broken Heart and the Hammer.

So far I have the Torn Prince and First Born Son. Here is the Torn Prince, for the time being. The First Born Son will soon follow.

(PS. Shouldn't I put this behind an LJ cut? It's quite long. I know the rules say no.)

Torn Prince

Name: Johnny/Jack B. Goode
Gender: Male
M.O.: Torture, Evisceration
Status: Institutionalized

Psychiatrist's Notes:

2/8/06, 2pm. St. Uphir's Institute of Mental Health.
Patient reports that "Jack" still communicating with him. Angrily asked nurse to remove mirror in his room. Insisted staff "get him out of here". Recent history: Nurse reported patient smashing mirror belonging to her. While in day room, patient grabbed mirror from nurse, hurled it across the room. Rushed out of day room cursing. When questioned, stated "he was laughing at me." Personal history: childhood physical and mental abuse. Mother left at early age. Father only caregiver, killed when patient was 14, police suspect during burglary of the house. Placed in foster care, left aged 18. Mental Status Exam: alert & oriented x3. Generally agitated throughout session. Hesitant speech. A/V hallucinations, delusions, paranoia persisting. Thought process disorganized. Axis I: schizophrenia. Increase chlorpromazine dosage, refer to Dr. Delbruck for medication evaluation. Next session, 2/15/06 at 3pm - explore mirror incident further. Staff to remove mirrors in vicinity of patient. A. B. Normal, M.D. 

(Torn Prince)
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Psychological Profile: God [23 Feb 2010|05:31am]

I'm a psychology student, and an amateur profiler.  I learn about criminal profiling during my readings. Criminal Minds is pretty eye-opening as well. As a joke, I wrote up one for the Judeo-Christian God.

This is a JOKE, for those people who have no sense of humour, so don't start accusing me of I hating God. I would... if he existed.

God can be considered to be a disorganized killer. There is much evidence of overkill (great floods, fires, earthquakes, etc), signifying rage and frustration. There is no pattern to these events as well, usually because disorganized killers are guided by delusion. They also don't try to hide what they do (quite the opposite - God has very noticeable M.O.s). Usually disorganized killers have poor interpersonal skills and their extreme psychosis causes them to be solitary (cough).

God, especially the Old Testament God, was a pretty vengeful god. Aggressive behavior. The violent outbursts might indicate great, personal emotional conflicts, making him prone to rage. While smiting, he is in control - suggesting may be powerless elsewhere. He also claims credit for what he's done even when he wounds intentionally - sadistic tendencies. Destructive on one hand, and offering salvation with the other  - this gives his a sense of power, too. His theatrics (flooding an entire world, famine, plagues of locusts, killing all the first born sons, etc) suggest the need for recognition. The attacks happen on a grand scale, and are very prominent - he's arrogant. The need for recognition would suggest low self-esteem, the feeling of being underappreciated - he may be killing to reclaim power, and overkill hides his insecurity. Overcompensating for his lack of power, he craves control, stability, and security. It comes from his desire to prove his strength, to prove he's not weak. His lack of sophistication (SMITE SMITE SMITE) also shows a lack of maturity.

God also set alight Sodom and Gomorrah to punish the wicked (
brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven). Some of his actions fit the arsonist profile. Arsonists derive pleasure from setting fires, deriving either sexual gratification or a sense of power from it. And since God is omnipresent, he probably watched - most arsonists will stay to watch because they thrive on the fear and panic they create, as it gives them the sense of having power over life and death. Usually motives for arson are profit, revenge or vandalism - in this case, God didn't like all the sin that was going on (revenge). Arsonists are usually socially incompetent, lacking in self-confidence, and has trouble with the opposite sex (makes a lady pregnant without even taking her out to dinner counts).

God also has a narcissistic personality. He had an ENTIRE BOOK written about him and his exploits. I rest my case.

I would also suggest assessing God for borderline personality disorder. He thinks all relationships revolve around him. When he decides on things, it's absolute. Anyone in a relationship with him would be the subservient one. Visible manifestations include intense bouts of anger and sensitivity to rejection.

God fits the cult leader profile. Usually they are charismatic leaders who appear strange or weird to others, and are older than the rest of the cult. They are intelligent, sociopathic and manipulative, able to mimic honesty and sincerity to convince their members. Cults also create their own language - they have their own vocabulary which separates members from outsiders clearly - a form of thought control.

God's relationship with his cult members are that of the dominant and submissive. The dominant one is the one instigating and planning, usually the one taking lives, and in turn makes the submissive feel powerful through him. In turn, the submissive(s) gladly do the dominant's bidding. The submissive(s) may be unwilling, but require the dominant for power or guidance or fear punishment, so they must obey.

God gets compliance without force by two means - 1) the threat of force ("Behave otherwise I'll send you to Hell to burn for an eternity etc") OR 2) previously established trust, using a ruse ("Behave and I'll send you to heaven, which is full of peace and love and honey and bunnies because I Love You"). However, sadists can't feel love, so this is definitely a lie. When he does use force, it would be because the person "committed a sin and deserved it" - deflecting blame and culpability onto his victims.

God's killings don't have a sexual component. This can indicate two things - either God has prepubescent mental development, or his victims are immediate relatives. And aren't we all God's children?

Thus, I can conclude that God is the most prolific serial killer of all time, and predict he will escalate - more attacks on an even bigger scale. Judging by the news, he's doing just that.

A. B. Normal, M. D.
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Shot in the Dark [18 Dec 2009|12:16am]
This is a long shot and perhaps not even meant for this comm but

a while ago I found an artowrk series done on DA of famous serial killers. It was homosexual-esque but the artwork was awesome and it was some slightly weird takes on them.

I know the Jack the Ripper was a black man wearing white, the one of Otis Toole ( I think ) had him with a take out box in front of his crotch, and I believe there was one of Elizabeth Bathory as a man.

Has anyone else seen this series ? Know where I could find copies of it on the net ?

Henry Lee Lucas + Ottis Toole ART [10 Dec 2009|03:35pm]

A rare painting - done from memory - of the childhood home of one of America's most notorious Serial Killers, Henry Lee Lucas. The log cabin in Virginia was the place where Lucas allegedly killed his first victim - his Mother. The painting was given to artist Stephen Kasner, who used it as part of an exhibition of Serial Killer Art in 1993.

The painting is now for sale.

Henry Lee Lucas Painting / Click To Enlarge

Included in the sale is a frightening drawing of a "Demon Head" by Lucas' mentally retarded transvestite cannibal killing partner and sometimes lover; Ottis Toole - the man who killed Adam Walsh - the son of America's Most Wanted host John Walsh.

Also included in the sale: A handwritten letter from Lucas explaining the meaning behind the painting, which also serves to verify the paintings authenticity.

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CSI Creator Teams Up With SuicideGirls For Killer Images [08 Sep 2009|10:15am]


Today Anthony E. Zuiker unleashes a new level of evil into the world. The creator and executive producer of the CSI franchise hopes that Sqweegel, the diabolical monster at the heart of his new multi-media project, Level 26, will slash through the boundaries of traditional crime classification and beyond the confines of the traditional publishing world. Bringing the novel into the digital age, Level 26 connects the printed word with motion picture elements and an interactive web-based social community. "I wanted to tell a story 'too hot' for television while at the same time giving the existing crime reader a different experience," says Zuiker. To this end Zuiker and SuicideGirls have teamed up to create some killer images (shot by SG co-founder Missy) to celebrate the launch of Level 26.

Click HERE for more info on Level 26 and the SuicideGirls photo set inspired by it.

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Massacres versus serial killings [07 Aug 2009|11:36am]


I understand what goes through the mind of a man preparing to unleash a massacre on innocent people. Such a man is not insane. He is not a sociopath. He has feelings, he has love for humanity. He cares so much about life, he would kill for it. But no one would kill for him, no one would love him, not the way he lusts to be loved. He’s ridiculed by his peers or repeatedly rejected by women. He’s a loser in school or a middle aged man whose dreams are fading into oblivion. But he still loves…he loves so much. He wants his life to work so much that eventually the pain of loving is unbearable. He’ll love until he’s sniped from existence. Only then will he have peace. Before he goes, he’s going to share his love with you, with your daughters and sons, with humanity. He knows you don’t want his love. He’s known all his life. That’s why he no longer gives a shit about what you want. Serial killings or one blaze of glory, prepare to die.


New Community [08 May 2009|06:16pm]


Right 'ere

I know it's pretty much the same concept; however, I do want it to be more "in depth", blah blah blah. The main reason I made it was because I simply got tired of seeing the "I wanna write to a serial killer" sorts of posts scattered around.

Feel free to join. Cross posted to one other community.


[03 May 2009|09:32am]

More on the newly arrested serial killer-
Cross posted.
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Question [30 Apr 2009|08:44pm]

I am doing some research for a paper about the link that may be present between frontal lobe damage and violent crimes. I know there are a few serial killers out there who have had frontal lobe damage in their past ( I believe Gacey is one of them). Do any of you know any others that have reported falling or injury to the face or specifically the frontal lobe? (hope this is appropriate for the group!)
Thanks in advance!
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L.A. Man Arrested; May Have Killed Almost 30 Elderly Women [30 Apr 2009|07:25pm]





When You Meet a Stranger, by Westley Allan Dodd [28 Apr 2009|04:20pm]


Apparantly, this is the pamphlet Dodd wrote to warn children about people like him. I was trying to find a more reliable looking version of this, but this was the best I could find. If anybody can confirm that this is, indeed, the pamphlet he wrote, please lemme know.



Two Things [24 Apr 2009|12:32pm]


Roll of Film Could Hold Answers in Zodiac Case

annnd Andrei Chikatilo's son arrested for attempted murder

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Former Texas Nurse Charges With Killing 5 Patients [02 Apr 2009|05:12pm]


She injected them with bleach. =/


Cross posted.

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